Terms & Conditions 

1 Overview 

Knauf offers access to a customer portal that is designed to allow users to view and follow their orders online for their linked customer ID(s). 

2 The service 

2.1 Users 

Each user must keep its login credentials confidential and not share them with anyone else. The customer is responsible for its users’ compliance with this agreement and actions taken through their accounts. The customer will promptly notify Knauf if it becomes aware of any compromise of its user login credentials.  

2.2 Administrators 

For every customer ID linked in the customer portal, the customer must designate a user as an administrator with control over the customer ID, including the management of users, user roles, and user rights. The customer is fully responsible for its choice of administrators and any actions they take. Administrators with control over the customer ID are responsible for regularly reviewing the list of entitled users to the customer ID and the validity of their user roles and rights.  

2.3 Registration 

If users register using an email address belonging to their employer or other entity, they represent and warrant they have authority to register on behalf of such entity. 

2.4 Entitlement request 

If users request and/or use access to a customer ID in the customer portal, they represent and warrant that they have the authority to view all related information related to the requested customer ID. 

2.5 System Finder

Knauf makes systems information available to users via System Finder. The user acknowledges that System Finder is based on Knauf’s experience and are only tested with regard to the generally recognized technical rules for the products and systems of Knauf. The user acknowledges that System Finder is not tested with regard to all generally recognized technical rules, relevant laws, standards, directives and rules of craftsmanship. The user shall solely be responsible for the technical examination of his construction project with regard to completeness, correctness, suitability and feasibility.

The user acknowledges that the performance values of the systems and the products can only be achieved by exclusively using Knauf components or components explicitly recommended by Knauf in accordance with the instructions made available to the user.

Version dated: February 2024

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